Next Scheduled Works Days

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Aloha Members,
We're still looking for volunteers to assist with Saturdays event. Please review the following duties.
Pre race
Friday 11/17
8:30 am Traffic cone and light tower/generator set up.
Saturday 11/18
Ticket booth waiver runners 1:00 pm
3:00 pm Water box and starting line crew. Shifts will be no longer than 2.0 hrs.
Post race clean up.
10:00 pm After event clean up and equipment storage
Towing light towers to barn parking,
Traffic cone pick up and stacking
Fire extinguisher pick up, Closing of gates and trash pick up.
Equipment refueling and storage. (If we can get enough participation we would like to refuel Saturday night to eliminate the need of going back on Sunday morning.
Please contact us via DM or phone as soon as possible to be placed on the work day rosters.
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