Member work day opportunities

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Aloha Members,
We're getting close to the end of our year. There will only be limited amount of work days left.
We are offering our membership the opportunity to fulfill their membership requirements to be compliant.
Since we currently have no yard work we'll be offering members other means of fulfilling their requirements. Heres the list of duties we need. Please DM us or contact any of our board of the directors to be placed on our work roster. We want to spread out the work duties to cover the remaining season. We don't need everyone showing up for one particular day or job.

Pre race set up
Thursday morning
Towing and set up of light towers
Crowd control barrier set up
Traffic cone set up

Friday and Saturday
Water box and starting line crew.

Post race clean up.
Saturday night after event.
Towing light towers to barn parking
Crowd control barrier disassembly and stacking
Traffic cone pick up and stacking
Fire extinguisher pick up
Closing of gates and trash pick up.

Equipment refueling and storage. (If we can get enough participation we would like to refuel Saturday night to eliminate the need of going back on Sunday morning).

Monday morning
Return/towing of rental equipment to vendors

Mahalo VITA Board
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