Maui Raceway Park Track Rules

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Maui Raceway Park Track Rules Effective January 24, 2007​
1. Violation of any of these rules may result in disqualification or suspension. General Track Rules 1. No alcohol allowed in the pit and tower spectator areas. NO DRUGS OR FIREARMS ALLOWED ANYWHERE. There is a zero tolerance policy with this rule. Violators will be ejected immediately from the event and drivers may face an additional 1 year suspension and monetary fine up to $2,500.
2. Unsportsmanlike conduct, improper language or conduct detrimental to racing will be grounds for disqualification. Disputes with track personnel or Board of Director Members will not be tolerated and will also be grounds for disqualification at the Board’s discretion.
3. No bikes, scooters, quads, skateboards, etc. in the pit area unless used as a tow or safety safari vehicle. These vehicles may not be driven by persons under 18 years. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the pit area. Exceptions may be reviewed by the VITA Board of Directors and medical review officer.
4. Pit area is first come first serve basis, maximum area 12 ft. per race vehicle, unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors. When in the pit area, pedestrians and/or other vehicles must yield to race vehicles. Race vehicles may not be able to see pedestrians and vice versa. First 3 rows of staging lanes are to be kept clear of spectators. No spectator vehicles allowed in pit area.
5. In the event of a dispute over track rules, a protest must be lodged with the Event Director/Track Manager. Driver and Pit Crew Rules.
6. The NHRA Rule Book will be used as a guideline for all rules, regulations and penalties. Each driver must have a current copy in their possession at tech inspection. For any vehicle or bike running quicker than the allowed ET, the 1st infraction will result in a verbal warning, the 2nd infraction will result in a written warning and the 3rd infraction will result in suspension. If the 2nd infraction is severe, suspension may immediately result.
7. State driver’s license required to be carried by all drivers during competition. 9.99 and faster drivers are also required to have NHRA license during competition.
8. Only one support vehicle per race vehicle allowed in the pit area. Support vehicle must be marked with the race vehicle’s number. Trailers must be parked in the trailer parking areas. Spectator vehicles not allowed to park in the pits.
9. Drivers are responsible for all pit crew and guests in the pit area. Any violations of track rules by crew or guests are considered against the driver.
10. All race vehicles must pass tech inspection before making any runs.
11. All race and tow vehicles must have competition numbers clearly displayed and visible to tower and stager. Numbers on race vehicles should be 4 inches high and may be made with window marker or shoe polish if stickers are not available. However, stickers are recommended. Tow vehicles are to leave as soon as race vehicle begins its run and proceed down the tow vehicle road to the end of the track to retrieve the race Maui Raceway Park Track Rules Effective January 24, 2007 2 vehicle as quickly as possible. All persons in the back of support vehicles must be seated and tailgates must be up and locked. No one under 18 years old allowed in the back of tow vehicles.
12. Race vehicles not in staging lanes when called to race will be disqualified. It is the responsibility of the driver to listen for their call.
13. Drivers must stay with their race vehicles if in the staging lanes.
14. Dial-ins must be clearly marked on driver’s side and front windows.
15. DOT approved street tires are required for 4x4 vehicles. No off-road knobbies are allowed. Tire approval/disapproval will be at the discretion of the Tech Inspector.
16. Lane choice in Pro Gas will go to race vehicle qualifying closer to the class index. Lane choice in brackets will go to the faster dial-in. In the event of identical dial-ins, a coin toss will decide lane choice.
17. In the event of a bye-run in the first round of competition, the vehicle with the quickest qualifying time will have the bye. No car will be allowed 2 bye runs in a row.
18. All race vehicles must start in staging lanes and be driven out to the burnout box under their own power. Any vehicle in burnout area or on track is under the control of the track starter and all instructions from the starter must be followed. Each car is allowed one wet and one dry burnout. Vehicles must be staged in a timely manner or may be disqualified by the starter. Drivers out of courtesy should wait for both cars to pre-stage before staging. There will be no tire prep in staging area.
19. Race vehicles running nine (9.00) seconds or slower will not be allowed to burnout over starting line, with the exception of Summit Super Pro. Race vehicles 9.99 and faster are allowed 3 crew max on track and 1 of them is allowed beyond the starting tree during staging or backing only. Race vehicles slower than 9.99 are allowed 1 crew max on track. No crew are allowed in the starter box. Area between staging pole and burnout box is “hot area.” Nobody is permitted in the hot area.
20. Once the driver stages the race vehicle they have accepted the dial-in. If the display board shows an incorrect dial-in, it is the drivers responsibility to notify the starter.
21. Pro Gas (10.90, 11.90, 12.90) will use a 0.5 pro tree. 7.90, 8.90, 9.90 will use a 0.4 pro tree.
22. The “First or Worst Rule” will be in effect for races. The driver committing the first offense (i.e. redlighting before your opponent breaks out) will lose. The exception to this is crossing the center line or outer extremities of the track, which will result in immediate disqualification.
23. In the event of a double breakout, the vehicle that breaks out by the least will win.
24. If for any reason the termination of a run is caused by an error by track official, tower, technical glitch, etc., both cars will be re-run before the next round of competition. It is the drivers responsibility to check the dial-in display board on the starter pole before staging.
25. Return road speed limit is 15mph. Pit area speed limit is 5mph. This includes area between staging lanes and burnout box. No burnouts in the pit area. Maui Raceway Park Track Rules Effective January 24, 2007 3
26. Any driver who has already lost in competition may not re-enter competition.
27. If your vehicle breaks before or during competition and you are not able to compete, you must inform the tower or track official.
28. All drivers and passengers must wear helmets and seat belts. Drivers and passengers must wear long pants ( no shorts) and closed shoes (no slippers or sandals). No passengers allowed in vehicles going faster than 14.0 seconds.
29. Race vehicles with air conditioning must have A/C turned off when entering the Drag Strip.
These rules are subject to change at any time by the Valley Isle Timing Association Board of Directors
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