From VITA Facebook Post 5/1/22 concerning chassis certs update


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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to get a head count on who's going to need a chassis cert. NHRA D7 Director Mike Rice will be on island from 5/26 until 5/30. Mike will be conducting chassis certifications during our race event. If you don't plan on running this memorial weekend we're trying set up another date for inspections. With all the traffic concerns we already have, we would like to eliminate any extra vehicles coming to the track just to be certed. We're looking at Thursday 5/26 afternoon as a possibility.
Please check your chassis.
Heres the dates which require a cert:
Anything dated prior to 2018 will need to be re-certified this year.
Anything dated 2018 will need re-cert prior to 2023 season
Anything dated 2019 will need re-cert prior to 2024 season
Please let me know. Thanks Mark